Prohibiting electioneering within 300 feet of the main entrance to a polling place.

Creating the Calloway County Office of Emergency Management.

Statewide Emergency Mutual Aid Agreement.

Placing a moratorium upon adult oriented businesses and nudity in a public place.

Prohibiting nudity in a public place.

Regulating establishments or commercial Enterprises offering adult entertainment activities.

Providing regulation of sexually oriented businesses and their employees.

Relating to fees and for purposes of paying expenses for courthouse bonds related to them, and administration thereof.

Franchise fee on bank deposits.

Adopting magistrate district boundaries.

Relating to standards for approving constable’s use of emergency vehicle equipment.

Adopting the Murray Calloway County Economic Development Corporation Revolving Fund Agreement.

Relating to County Building Inspector.

Implementation and maintenance of the Calloway County Enhanced 911 Emergency Response System.

Establishment of Hog Facilities.

Relating to Subdivision Regulations.

Development of subdivisions containing 6 lots or more.

Establishment of a local Industrial Development Authority.

Flood Ordinance (Amendment).

Setting forth regulation for the collection and transportation of solid waste.

Animal Control Ordinance.

Ordinance pertaining to cost recovery for response to hazardous material releases in Calloway County.

Ordinance establishing the Calloway County Cemetery Board.

Ordinance Providing Source of Revenues for County to meet at the Scheduled Principal and Interest Payments for a new Detention Facility.

Ordinance Establishing the Abatement of Nuisances and Governing the Maintenance of Structures and Premises Essential for the protection of the Health and Safety of the Citizens of Calloway County.

Ordinance relating to the establishment of a code of ethics.

Ordinance amending increase in franchise fees for telecommunications companies operating within Calloway County.

Ordinance to establish 911 emergency telephone services for the County of Calloway (Amendment).

Ordinance Prohibiting the Possession or Sale of AM Cannabinoids, CP Cannabinoids, JWH Cannabinoids, or HU Cannabinoids Synthetic Cannabinoids Agonists.

Ordinance authorizing and directing the Calloway County Attorney to establish and operate the Calloway County Community Corrections Monitored Release Program.

Ordinance relating to electrical inspection fees.

Ordinance implementing a 911 fee.

Transient room tax ordinance.

Telecommunications Franchise Ordinance.

Subdivision Regulations Ordinance.

Cable System Franchise.

Repealing Telephone Subscription Fee Ordinance.